Carolyn Fox’s Bio

Carolyn Fox is the host of “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight,” a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show heard in all of Los Angeles County and about half of Orange County on 1580 AM, every Saturday night at 1 AM.  This weekly commercial radio show features independent new music, interviews with break-out artists as well as stars in all areas of the entertainment world, and some special surprises.

Starting piano lessons when she was 8-years-old, Carolyn has a life-long love of music.  A native Angeleno, who currently resides in tinsel town, Carolyn earned a fine arts degree in music from UCLA.

The Velvet Voiced Vixen has been heard on radio and television commercials, audio books, and as characters in animation.  Recognized for her ability to help artists tell their stories, Book Expo America hired her to interview authors for conference podcasts.  When Carolyn is not in the studio, she enjoys music clubs, the movies, live stage, good books, and other forms of entertainment.

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  1. adilsakhawat says:

    You know how to play piano. i dont know. but i like it very much and expect to learn that art in near future. like your blog

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