The Russians are Coming–To LA Radio on “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight”

On Saturday, March 3, “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight” will feature not one, but two Russian musical guests.

Mumiy Troll is hugely popular and influential in the former Soviet Union, where it has been voted “Band of the Millennium” by Russian music fans.  The band’s founder and front man, Ilya Lagutenko, has a charismatic energy that perfectly compliments Mumiy Troll’s earthy,  yet often ethereal, sound.  Ilya will discuss their new, soon-to-be-released album, “Valdivostok”

In addition, Russian-born singer-songwriter Marina V. will be a featured guest in the studio.  You may have heard her music as the theme song to movies like “Fallen Idol” and “Truth About Kerry,” as well as network TV shows and games.  She recently won an award from Sir Bob Geldof for one of the songs on her new CD, “My Star.”

You’ll also hear other international artists and tunes on Saturday, Mar. 3 at 1 AM on 1580 AM in the Greater Los Angeles area, on our East Coast affiliate stations, and, after the air date, on the Internet at

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Host of "Carolyn Fox's Hollywood Spotlight," a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show airing in Los Angeles Friday at midnight on 1580 AM. This weekly show features new music, interviews with the artists who make it, as well as stars in all areas of the entertainment industry. Tune in or click on to hear what's hot in Hollywood.
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2 Responses to The Russians are Coming–To LA Radio on “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight”

  1. Igor Strelnikov says:

    “Vladivostok” – main city ​​on the east of Russia…which translates as “Lord of East” or “Owns the East”.

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