Paul Mark–Who is the “Smartest Man in the Room?”

In the studio with Carolyn Fox, host of the syndicated broadcast radio show, “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight,” Paul Mark, the blues guitarist, singer, songwriter who is the force behind Paul Mark and the Van Dorens, discusses the inspiration for his newly released CD, “Smartest Man in the Room.”

Recorded in New Orleans and Memphis, the album features cover art and liner notes are just too juicy not to share, so you’ll see a preview this video.  To hear the title track and see some of the “damning quotes,” check out Paul’s video by Clicking Here.

To hear tracks from Paul’s new album, “Smartest Man in the Room” and more of this in-studio interview, tune your radio to 1580 AM for the Blues Special on “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight” at 1 AM on Saturday night, May 26.

For news about Paul Mark & the Van Dorens, including their upcoming tour schedule, visit

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Host of "Carolyn Fox's Hollywood Spotlight," a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show airing in Los Angeles Friday at midnight on 1580 AM. This weekly show features new music, interviews with the artists who make it, as well as stars in all areas of the entertainment industry. Tune in or click on to hear what's hot in Hollywood.
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