Vintage Sound Expert Gary Faust on Los Angeles Radio Tonight

Tonight on the syndicated broadcast radio show, “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight,” our special guest is design engineer and content creator Gary Faust.  Having grown up around the music industry, Gary has a deep appreciation for a wide range of musical genres.  Comfortable working with jazz, rock, alternative Americana and the blues, he’s got a special gift for making live performances sound as technically refined as in-studio recordings.

Musicians often complain about the tension between capturing the magic that happens at a live performance versus the technical control that can be achieved by recording in a studio.  Gary’s genius is his ability to catch the energy of a band connecting with fans with crystal clarity, even when recorded outdoors in downtown LA at rush hour.

To hear the interview with Gary Faust as well as a preview of the new live Gina Saputo CD he’s working on, tune your radio in Los Angeles to 1580 AM tonight, Friday, Oct. 5, at midnight, and at 810 AM in Annapolis/Baltimore at 6 PM EST on Saturday, Oct. 6.  Don’t have a radio?  Hear this installment of “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight” on the Internet starting Sunday, Oct. 7 at the show’s website at and at our blog at

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Host of "Carolyn Fox's Hollywood Spotlight," a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show airing in Los Angeles Friday at midnight on 1580 AM. This weekly show features new music, interviews with the artists who make it, as well as stars in all areas of the entertainment industry. Tune in or click on to hear what's hot in Hollywood.
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