Dudley Saunders, Avant-Garde Folk Singer, Songwriter & Performance Artist on Los Angeles Radio Friday at Midnight

This Friday, Nov. 30 at midnight, award-winning songwriter Dudley Saunders will be the special guest on the syndicated broadcast radio show Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight.”

Dudley has just completed his 4th album, “Monsters,” a new collection of songs that express his unique artistic sensibility.  Building on the work in his 3rd CD, “The Emergency Lane,” Dudley has remained true to his vision and continues to evolve as an artist and musician.   With a variety of musical and emotional textures, the tunes on “Monsters” introduce listeners to the inner lives of fascinatingly flawed characters.  Having come from a performance art background, Dudley knows how to tell a compelling story.

In greater Los Angeles, hear “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight” featuring the special guest Dudley Saunders on the radio at 1580 AM at midnight this Friday, Nov. 30; in Annapolis/Baltimore on 810 AM on Saturday, Dec. 1 at 6 PM, and hear the show online on Sunday, Dec. 2 at the show’s website, CFoxRocks.com and at this blog, CarolynFoxRocks.com.

About carolynfoxshollywood

Host of "Carolyn Fox's Hollywood Spotlight," a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show airing in Los Angeles Friday at midnight on 1580 AM. This weekly show features new music, interviews with the artists who make it, as well as stars in all areas of the entertainment industry. Tune in or click on CFoxRocks.com to hear what's hot in Hollywood.
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2 Responses to Dudley Saunders, Avant-Garde Folk Singer, Songwriter & Performance Artist on Los Angeles Radio Friday at Midnight

  1. Your guest is one of the most interesting singer/song writers around!!! His unique style and choice of topics keeps me wanting more! I never tire of listening to him. Thanks for exposing more people to his powerful talent!

    • I’d delighted that you’re into Dudley Saunders’ music. I’m proud to be able to share his unique voice and brave emotional honesty on my radio show. He gave such a fascinating interview, I decided to let it run long. To hear the interview and some of the tracks from his new “Monsters” CD, tune your radio to 1580 AM tomorrow at midnight, or in the Annapolis/Baltimore area tune into 810 AM at 6 PM Saturday, Dec. 1 or check back with this blog or the show’s website at CFoxRocks.com on Sunday, Dec. 2, when the podcast of this episode will post. Thank you.

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